Pete Kozak, CFP® brings his wealth management experience, expertise and enthusiasm into BrightPath Wealth Planning LLC to help clients make the most of money and life.

Prior to becoming Bright Path Wealth Planning, LLC the firm was known as Kozak Financial Advisory, a firm based in Camarillo, CA which Pete founded in 2004.

Pete is dedicated to a firm with unmatched resources, client focus and commitment. From inception, BrightPath Wealth Planning has contracted Buckingham Strategic Partners to provide best-of-class institutional resources, while allowing BrightPath Wealth Planning to maintain a boutique level of service.

In a nutshell, BrightPath Wealth Planning is an independent fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm. 

Here’s what it means...

Independent means BrightPath is owned solely by Pete,  the advisor who works directly with our clients. We don’t have a boss to please—only clients.

Fee-only means we only get paid by our clients for our advice. We don’t accept commissions. Why? We would not go to a doctor who gets a commission on prescriptions. We set up the firm as if relatives would be clients—and some are.

Financial planning means that we are interested in the financial decisions you face—not only in your investments. We want to understand the big picture of your financial life.

Being a Registered Investment Advisor means that regulation requires us to make much information about ourselves available publicly. Look it up by clicking here. We are also required to act in your best interest—always—and we very much like it that way.

Being part of Buckingham Strategic Partners gives us access to very big firm resources and best-of-class experts. Think of it as having a doctor with admitting privileges at a renowned medical center. This setup lets combine the best of small boutique service with big institutional resources.