The BrightPath Wealth Planning process encourages the use of deliverables to reinforce client understanding, financial literacy while aiming to create clarity around the client's financial situation.

There are a variety of deliverables for each financial planning step and for each planning function, however, these reports provided below are good examples of deliverables given to clients in the earlier stages of the financial planning and(or) asset management relationship. 


Asset Map:

An Asset Map is our preferred solution for the client balance sheet. At BrightPath Wealth Planning, LLC we value the ability to be able to illustrate our client's progress on their Net Worth Wealth journey and an Asset Map is a great way to visually represent this journey while not just looking at the headline Net Worth number. The Asset Map shows detail into many areas of your financial life, such as your insurance coverage, retirement accounts, real estate and personal property assets, and even include members of the next generation to visualize the basics of your estate planning. 

Please review these sample asset maps which have been created for a hypothetical business owning client and a highly compensated executive, both client types that we would typically work with.

Example Corporate Executive:

Example Business Owner:

MoneyGuide Pro Planning Report:

Here is an example report from MoneyGuide Pro - our core financial planning tool. This is a report reflecting select pages from a comprehensive report using the same information as our example "Corporate Executive" asset map.

Example Corporate Executive: