We believe that the right ideas, insights and intelligence can help every investor make better decisions.

People at the top of their field rarely get there by going it alone. Successful individuals frequently collaborate with highly trained coaches or teachers who help them perform at the highest levels.

This is exactly what our clients receive when they choose to work with our firm. Starting on Day 1, our clients benefit by working directly with their own experienced wealth advisor – a resource who not only skillfully orchestrates the efforts of each client’s existing team of professionals, such as CPAs and attorneys, but also brings to the table a deep bench of talent with specialists in every aspect of investing and wealth management.

Members of this broader advisory team include individuals with deep knowledge of estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning, charitable planning and risk management. These resources augment the efforts of our Investment Policy Committee, which is devoted full-time to making sure our clients’ investments continuously adhere to our rigorous standards. A dedicated fixed income team applies the same rigor to give every client portfolio appropriate protection from the volatility of the market.

Our ability to deliver this caliber of talent is amplified through our relationship with the Buckingham Strategic Partners alliance. This community of more than 140 independent, like-minded wealth advisory firms gives our clients direct access to widely published national thought leaders and advisors working with tens of thousands of clients across the country. Tapping into this wide-ranging experience means that we are able to find the right answers to our clients’ questions, no matter how complex they may seem.

Working in concert, these important relationships ensure our clients have the ideas, insights, and intelligence to help them make the best decisions about their financial future.

We believe…

… there are no dumb questions.
… in listening a lot.
… in being transparent and accessible.
… your questions deserve intelligible answers.
… being brilliant is better than being big.
… clients can sense when advisors' actions don’t reflect their words.
… in enjoying our work.
… in being upfront about what we know and what we don’t.
… in all situations, there is improvement ahead if we bother to seek it
… money is a means to an end.
… there is something noble in everyone.
… being wealthy means liking the options you have.
… learning is a lifestyle.