We partner with clients to shed light on their path ahead and confidently take steps towards their best life.  BrightPath Wealth Planning is an independent fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm. Independent means firm is owned by Pete Kozak, the advisor who works directly with our clients.  Fee-only means we only get paid by clients for our advice and expertise. So, we never accept commissions from the sale of investments or insurance products. As a member of Buckingham Strategic Partners, we combine boutique service and institutional resources.  We believe in being transparent, resourceful and passionate experts.

Story & History

Pete Kozak, CFP® combined his wealth management experience, expertise and enthusiasm into BrightPath Wealth Planning LLC to help clients make the most of money and life.

Values & Philosophy

We believe that the right ideas, insights and intelligence can help every investor make better decisions.

Mission & Services

We deliver assurance in knowing that every facet of your financial life plays a role in determining your best way forward.

Our Services


We provide confidence that comes from working with an experienced wealth advisor who values evidence over emotion, research over blind opinion.

Life Transitions

Life is full of transitions. Our experience confirms that people don’t mind change as much as they mind being changed.

Retirement Planning

We help create restful nights for our clients, knowing they have a plan that can render the market’s daily ups and downs irrelevant to their future prosperity.

Spend-Down Planning

Today, retirees face complex and important choices to manage their resources in retirement.

Elder Planning

If aging was music, it would definitely be jazz because it involves a set structure and much improvisation.

Legacy Planning

Legacy planning involves how we want to be cared for and how we wish to care for others.

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