From your starting point, moving forward may involve crafting strategies to:

  • Fund, protect and sustain an enjoyable lifestyle
  • Pay fewer taxes
  • Help family (education, parent assistance, etc.)
  • Build and protect a legacy 

From design to implementation, we offer an innovative financial planning process designed to help you make informed choices, take effective actions and attain your aspirations. We provide services on a fee-only basis. Since we are not compensated through commissions, we are not biased towards any particular investment or insurance product. Our investment methodology elaborates on academic and Nobel prize-winning research including:

  • Modern-Portfolio Theory
  • Neuroeconomics
  • Behavioral Finance 

Each wealth management client receives an investment plan tailored to fit their personal circumstances and chosen strategies. We seek to integrate the various aspects of your financial life. As such, we favor forming a team with the professionals who safeguard your financial well-being: Tax-Preparer, Insurance Agent, Attorney, etc. You may also benefit from our professional network to bring extensive additional resources and expertise as required by any specialized needs.