The Advice Market:

So much of the financial industry is based on convincing investors to find the ever-elusive needle in a haystack – the hot stock that promises stratospheric returns with seemingly no risk. And what happens when that hot tip doesn’t pan out? No time to find out. Stock brokers and journalists have already moved on to touting the next “can’t miss” investment.

Our Approach:

Our approach is fundamentally different.

Put simply, we don’t believe in looking for needles in haystacks. We believe in owning haystacks.

We provide confidence that comes from working with an experienced wealth advisor who values evidence over emotion, research over blind opinion.

Decades of peer-reviewed financial research demonstrates how investors can increase their expected returns and better achieve their goals when they focus on thing they can control: minimizing costs, building a diversified portfolio, implementing effective tax strategies, and taking only those risks appropriate to their unique situations.

This approach – what we call the science of investing – is at the heart of every client relationship and is the blueprint for the wealth management plans we build. It is the reason our clients are able to capture the diversified returns that the markets provide, and it helps them build a more secure financial future for themselves and their families.